“Bodypaintography” is the art of painting on a nude individual(s) with the intent of creating a visual connection and dialogue between the person and his/her environment, captured by a photograph. Red palms are the signature of Cynthia Fleischmann.
C.F at work: Bodypaintography
Cynthia Fleischmann calls herself a bodypaintographer. Her artform, bodypaintography, incorporates a person into their surroundings by her painting directly onto their body and photographing the resulting dialogue between the person(s) and place. Painted red palms are her signature and symbolize humanity.

Bodypaintography experiences are often done in private, or discreetly in public to avoid scrutiny for public nudity. During events, when permitted, Cynthia performs live bodypaintography in collaboration with other artists and their artworks. These have included Rirkrit Tiravanija during ArtBasel 2011 in Switzerland, Zanele Muholi in Stockholm, Sweden in 2011, and Irina Gretchanaia, Sergey Fedotov and Leonor Anthony at Spectrum 2014 during ArtBasel Miami. She recently participated at World Bodypainting Day with Andy Golub in Amsterdam.

During the Burning Man festival in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert, Cynthia Fleischmann organizes and photographs her largest artistic happening en pleine aire called “Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust.” Up to 77 participants have united, covered in desert dust, to capture the magnitude of the relationship between humans and environment. It is a call to appreciate the ephemeral nature of yourself as you are, in the environment you are in, with the people you are with.

Cynthia’s bodypaintography photographs have been exhibited in Miami Florida at the Lowe Art Museum, The Coral Gables Museum, The Wynwood Building, GAB Studio, in Switzerland at ArtSpace (Luzern) and the Galerie Zur Stockeregg (Zurich), and at numerous art fairs including: ParisPhoto, Spectrum Miami, Art Miami, Art Palm Beach, MIA SeaFair, CaneFair, and See.Me, taking over Times Square (New York). Her bodypaintography is currently exhibited at the RedDot Fair and the Michel Art Gallery in Miami, and at ArtHouse 429 in West Palm Beach.

Bodypaintography is featured in the ArtBasel Miami 2015 edition of FineArt Magazine, NY. It has been shown in Women In The World in association with The New York Times, 2015, in Absolute UK, 2015, in the New York Summer edition of FineArt Magazine 2014, in Day & Night Guide 2014 Zurich & Luzern, Switzerland, Stories of U 2014 by the University of Miami, Huffington Post ArtBasel 2013 article, Best of College & High School Photography 2013 published by Photographer's Forum and at the Grand Prix de la Découverte, where Cynthia Fleischmann received the Juror Award of Merit for People/Portraits. She self published a book on her work in 2015.

Fleischmann is a Miami-based artist who grew up between Zurich, Switzerland and Dover, MA, USA. She earned her BA in Art from the University of Miami in 2010 and continued with a full scholarship and teachers assistant position to attain her Masters of Fine Arts in Photography. She graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2014. In October 2015, Cynthia was hit by a car while riding her motorcycle and lost her right leg above the knee, but is still very active and grateful to be alive.
Growing up between Zurich, Boston and Miami has allowed me to encounter many different perspectives on what the human body means and represents to different people. In one country the naked body is accepted and seen for its form and elegance while in others countries, the uncovered state is shunned and dangerous. What is perceived as beautiful is in the culture of the people, shaping the minds of society.

The body has always been an overarching theme in my artwork, for I am fascinated by the need to cover the body for comfort when we are not truly confident with ourselves. It takes a strong mind to look beyond the magazine models and find the beauty within our own shape and imperfections. My canvas paintings explore many different idealized physicalities, but what I strive for the most in my artwork is to help individuals find confidence in seeing their own nude figures as works of art.

I am interested in painting directly on the body to combine my own artistic eye with the life that is already within us. With a thin layer of paint, I find that an individual no longer feels naked and vulnerable but free and full of expression. It is this connection with the self and one's surroundings that I then try to capture in my photography which I call 'bodypaintography.' The dialogue created between the body and environment serves as a reminder to appreciate ourselves, the places we go, and our connection with each other.
2013: 'Silence', FL
Self portrait with poem:


There is a silence in me
Darting corners,
To suck tears from my eyes,
Bring fury to my mind.
The anger builds within my silence.
Words unspoken start to rot.
The bubbles that burst uncover past wounds,
But ill continue to sing my faithful, cheery tunes. 

Cynthia Fleischmann, 2013
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Miami-Dade County attorney creates petition to improve driving conditions

By Jeff Weinsier - Investigative Reporter

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