2018: European Painting, Switzerland
2017: Oriental Rug, MA
2017: Beach Cheslon, BS
2016: Silver Chesterfield, UK
2016: Wallpaper, UK
2016: Chesterfield, UAE
2015: News, NY
2014: Billiard Table, MA
2014: Tents, FL
2014: Black Couch, NY
2014: Bed Sheets, DE
2013: Couch, FR
2013: Bed Sheets, FL
2013: 'Silence', FL
Self portrait with poem:


There is a silence in me
Darting corners,
To suck tears from my eyes,
Bring fury to my mind.
The anger builds within my silence.
Words unspoken start to rot.
The bubbles that burst uncover past wounds,
But ill continue to sing my faithful, cheery tunes. 

Cynthia Fleischmann, 2013
2012: Peace Tapestry, MA
2012: Arabian Cushions, UAE
2012: GoodWill, FL
2012: Satin, UAE
2012: Wall Paper, UAE
2011: Grateful Dead, FL
2011: Ganesh, FL
2011: Abstract Art, FL
2011: Salon Drapes, DE
2011: Gold Cowhide, ES
2010: Mayan Calendar, FL
2010: Celtic Tapestry, FL
2010: Tiger, FL
2010: African Tapestry, MA
2010: Leopard Chair, MA
2010: Couch, UK
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