Cynthia Fleischmann Documentary by Eden Bonan and Lena Mobin. June 2017
Roam Free Writes: Cynthia Fleischmann
Prism Creative Group: Cynthia Fleischmann
Alma Magazine
Bold Beauty Project 2016/17
Vizcaya Museum & Gardens: Gardens By Moonlight
March 15, 2017 - Featuring artist Cynthia Fleischmann
Artist Cynthia Fleischmann will paint a human canvas to make them disappear into the gardens of Vizcaya.
Featured on Channel 7 by Deco Drive - Bodyart
Ich verlor ein Bein, aber nicht meine Lebensfreude.

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The Y Life by Lauren Rigau
Y inspiration from the Y Life 1-on-1 with Bodypaintographer Cynthia Fleischmann.

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Women In The World in association with The New York Times, 2015
You could say that artist Cynthia Fleischmann views the world differently than others. “I’m inspired by so many different environments,” said the Miami-based artist. “Interestingly enough, I actually visualize a person painted into my surroundings a lot,” she told Women in the World. Fleischmann’s specialty is Bodypaintography, the art of painting nude subjects into landscapes, creating a connection between the two. “It’s really liberating, you know at first you’re shy, but once there’s a thin layer of paint on the body, it’s like wearing a leotard and I see such a transformation,” she said.
Interview by Absolut UK, 2015
What is your message, or signature style? Red hands. They represent life, love, passion, death and destruction, all of which we are capable of using our hands. They remind me of our human existence; of caves filled with drawings of animals and red handprints. Becoming one with our environment is greatly tied to primitive cultures using pigments on the naked body as a form of transformation, camouflage, beauty and connection to nature. Animals fascinate me by their use of camouflage in nature to hide from predators, or to become better predators themselves.
Day & NightGuide Magazine, Zurich/ Luzern, CH 2014 | Pages: 138-149
Cynthia, das war erfrischend! Was ist es, das dich und deine künstlerische Eingebung warm hält? Um das Thema Wärme aufzugreifen, die roten Handinnenflächen stehen symbolisch für etwas sehr ursprüngliches, die Durchblutung, welcher für die Warmhaltung des Körpers verantwortlich ist. Zudem steht er in Verbindung zu Höhlenmalerei und verkörpert somit eine substantielle Verbindung zu unserer primären Vergangenheit. Der Mensch macht immer noch alles mit den Händen. Hände haben für mich daher eine sehr binäre Bedeutung: Sie drücken Liebe, Leidenschaft, aber auch Hass und Feindseligkeit auf eine sehr primäre Weise aus. Somit ist die Symbolik des roten Händeabdrucks vielfältig, wandelbar und je nach Komposition verschieden. Ich möchte zudem nicht vordiktieren, wie die roten Handinnenflächen interpretiert werden soll, sondern jedem Rezipienten die eigene Vorstellung und Interpretationsfreiheit lassen.
Interview about my work, 2014 FL
Surrounded by photography her entire life, and embracing the human form, Cynthia has created some startling and jaw dropping images. Her method, paintography, incorporates painting the human body as a part of its environment and then photographing the experience. Her view of the world is mesmerizing.
Summer edition of Fine Art Magazine 2014, page 69
Since 2009, Cynthia Fleischmann has been using the naked body as her canvas to capture the connections we have with the world and each other. The interactive process of location scouting, painting and photographing her subjects is organic and natural. As soon as a thin coat of paint is applied, the insecurities and preconceived sexual and cultural notions of nudity dissipate. Cynthia has termed her resulting photographs of this dialogue between her painted subjects merged into a particular environment “Bodypaintography.”
Huffington Post, Art Basel Miami 2013

Cynthia Fleischmann, Bodypaintography, 2010.
Courtesy of the artist
University of Miami, Wynwood Building, 2750 NW 3rd Avenue
Up though January 24th.

For the collector who loves discovering the next big artist first hand, the sixth annual CANE ART FAIR at the University of Miami is a great venue to peruse up-and-coming talent. Beginning December 2nd, work by students in the university’s MFA program will be on display in the Wynwood Building gallery. Stop by to pick up pieces by tomorrow’s featured Basel artists.
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